Friday, 11 April 2014

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk Kit

Recently I found myself feeling pretty stressed out, tired and struggling to get my recommended amount of beauty sleep each night. Sleep is essential for both looking and feeling good, and achieving optimum health. It’s pretty important to me, so I needed to take action!

Getting off to sleep wasn’t the issue - I have no problem drifting in to the land of nod as soon as my head hits the pillow, it was the 3am routine wake-ups where I would lay there for hours on end, thinking of anything and everything, unable to get back to sleep. So frustrating!

I decided to try the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk Kit, and although I was hesitant at spending £22 on a product that may or may not work, desperate times called for desperate measures…

Although I have been sleeping better since buying the kit two weeks ago, I do not think the products are responsible. The Deep Sleep pillow spray and Stress Less roll on smell nice, and have a soothing and relaxing lavender and camomile fragrance, but sadly, miracle workers they are not.

Since finishing a hefty pile of college work, eating better and relaxing more I have been feeling less stressed, happier and more relaxed, which makes me think that my bad sleeping was hopefully just a stage (fingers crossed), and the lifestyle improvements are probably the reason for my better night’s sleep.

If you are thinking of buying the kit and hoping for a quick solution to your sleep dilemmas, I would suggest saving your money. I am slightly bitter at spending £22 for a nicely fragranced pillow, however I am thankful that I am once again well-rested so I’m not going to complain too much!

Have you tried anything from This Works? Did it work for you?

Holly xx

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Currently Loving

Some things that I’ve been loving this month...

Eggs and Spinach – my new favourite combination :-)

Pink Moschino bunny I Phone case

And lusting

Pastel nail polishes like this one from YSL

I’m really hoping someone treats me to this Luxury Dark Chocolate egg this Easter

Kerastase Elixir Ultime - If only I could justify spending £30 on a hair oil :-(

What have you been loving/lusting this month?

Holly xx

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Wearing: Dress from H&M

As if we are now in the fourth month of the year!! Time really does fly. March has been a pretty fun month – bar all of the work that I have been doing which has been so stressful! But apart from that I have made time to enjoy some leisurely activities too :-)

At the beginning of the month I went to visit my grandparents in Kent for a couple of days and enjoyed a day trip and pub lunch, followed by a spot of shopping.
Pub meals have become a bit of a habit as I’ve also been out for a couple more since then, but hey it’s a nice meal so I’m not complaining!

I enjoyed celebrating my friend Harriet’s birthday last weekend and headed on a night out with the girls, so much fun but boy did I feel rough the next day!! I rarely drink so when I do it really affects me :-(

After vowing to become T-Total until my birthday in June, the lush spring weather we had on Saturday tempted me to enjoy a couple of vodka-sodas at the pub, but as the saying goes, everything in moderation!

I’m looking forward to the 2 week Easter break and going to visit my family again, and of course the Easter eggs! It’s also my sister’s birthday at the end of April so I’m sure we will have something fun planned for that.

How has your month been? Do you have any fun plans for April?

Holly xx

Moschino bunny iPhone case, eggs and spinach – yummy! Pancake day, I love a soya latte, ready for a night out, breakfast blueberries and greek yoghurt, Nuxe body oil, rediscovering Lancome juicy tubes, testing This Works deep sleep pillow talk.

The bestie and me, mirror shot before our night out, a powerful message: Love yourself, ready to hit the gym, girls night out, posing pre-workout, in the taxi, whole wheat pasta with pesto, spinach and mushrooms, Harriet’s birthday night.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-purpose Dry Oil

I have always suffered from quite dry skin - especially in colder months, so I make a habit of moisturising every day using a body butter or body oil. I recently finished the Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil which I loved, however I decided to splash out on a slightly higher end oil after having the urge to treat myself to something a little more luxurious.

 Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-purpose Dry Oil has been hailed as ‘the supermodels oil of choice,’ and is highly recommended in the beauty world. Nuxe, being a French skincare brand is extremely good quality and despite being on the pricier side, their products always deliver excellent quality and have that feeling of luxury.

The Huile Prodigieuse oil is multi-purpose so can be used on the skin, hair and nails, although I have been using it on my skin only. The oil is non-greasy and absorbs quickly so there is no need to wait around after applying it and the scent is a delicious mixture of jasmine and Turkish delight – sounds strange but believe me it smells lush!

My skin has been silky smooth and nourished since using the oil and it has added a touch of Parisian indulgence to my daily post-shower routine. I would definitely recommend this oil as well as other products from the Nuxe range, such as their Crème Prodigieuse Enrichie moisturiser and Rêve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream which are both products that I have been equally impressed with.

Have you tried any Nuxe products? What did you think?

Holly xx

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Supermodel’s Beauty Secrets

I have just finished reading Supermodel’s Beauty Secrets by ex-model Victoria Nixon and had to share it with you. The book popped up as a recommendation on Amazon and after taking a closer look it definitely sounded like my kind of reading. I also bought Victoria’s second book Supermodel’s Diet Secrets which is next on my ‘to read’ list.

The book shares model’s top tips on make-up, hair care, skin care, fashion and style, and includes advice from models such as Jerry Hall, Kate Moss, Helena Christensen and Sophie Dahl. It covers everything from diet and exercise to how to dress for your body shape, and even includes the best places to get treatments and shop for specialist items as recommended by the models themselves.

Although I found some of the content a little dated and some of the tips given are pretty obvious, I did find out some new and helpful facts too and overall found the book to be an interesting and easy read.

If like me you love reading about health, beauty and what life is like for models ‘behind the scenes’ then I think you will enjoy this book. I hope that Supermodel’s Diet Secrets matches up - when I’ve finished it I’ll let you know!

Have you read any books similar to these? Do you have any recommendations?

Holly xx

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Beauty Inspiration: Pretty in Pink

The weather has finally decided to take a turn and we have been seeing a little more sunshine and less rain. This means one thing – spring is on the way!

A new season means new beauty trends and one that I particularly love are the pretty pastel pinks that have been popping up on the catwalks and make-up counters everywhere.

Pink is the perfect shade for spring and can easily create a light and pretty daytime look, or be glammed up with a little shimmer and sparkle for a sophisticated and sexy evening look.

Here’s some of my favourite pink looks and the products that will help you create a modelesque make-up look on your own.

Holly xx

Images sourced from Vogue UK, Elle, and Allure.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Style Spotlight: Poppy Delevingne

She made a regular appearance on the FROW during London Fashion Week and 
popped up in many of the street-style galleries while also attending a fair few fashion week after-parties.

Never failing to look chic, stylish and impeccably dressed, Poppy D gives me major wardrobe envy - no wonder she was recently snapped up as the new face of Dutch fashion label Vero Moda!

Here’s some of my favourite looks from the British beauty...

Holly xx

Images sourced from Vogue UK, Elle, Vero Moda and DailyMail Online.